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Morning Prayer

Prayer, Bible Reading and Devotional Thoughts

Twentieth Sunday after Trinity


Cheerful Obedience

Design for Worship:

This week's Design for Worship teaches us how God wants us to live our lives, and then gives example of how God has reached out to us with a compelling message to come to the wedding feast.

Epistle Lesson:

Ephesians 5: 15-21

Gospel Lesson:

Matthew 22: 1-14

Revised Collect:

Most Merciful Almighty God, by Your abundant goodness protect us from physical and spiritual injury so we will be ready, body and soul, to cheerfully accomplish the things you desire according to Your will, through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Original Collect:

O Almighty and most merciful God, of thy bountiful goodness keep us, we beseech thee, from all things that may hurt us; that we, being ready both in body and soul may cheerfully accomplish those things which thou commandest; through Jesus Christ our Lord.