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Morning Prayer

Prayer, Bible Reading and Devotional Thoughts

Eleventh Sunday after Trinity


God' power shown in mercy.

Design for Worship:

This week's Design for Worship teaches that's God exhibits His power mostly through mercy and pity, and that He even comes to the self righteous and humbly teaches them how to obtain the riches of God.

Epistle Lesson:

1 Corinthians 15: 1- 11

Gospel Lesson:

Luke 18: 9 - 14


This collect, like all the weekly prayers, came to us through centuries of Christian experience and revision. The "Original" collect we cite is from the 1662 English Prayer Book. No major revisions were made to this edition until the recent spate of "modern" Prayer Books. In the case of this collect, the earlier version told a more picturesque story and was less "legal" in its tone. Therefore, for our "revised collect" we have gone with the earlier version of the collect, but we have used the 1662 version as the "Original."

Revised Collect:

Giving God, Your almighty power is clearly seen first in Your mercy and pity; therefore kindly give us a measure of Your grace to make us run to the free offer of your gift and promises that we may receive Your heavenly treasure.

Original Collect:

O God, who declarest thy almighty power chiefly in showing mercy and pity; Mercifully grant unto us such as measure of thy grace, that we, running the way of thy commandments, may obtain thy gracious promises, and be made partakers of thy heavenly treasure; through Jesus Christ our Lord.