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Morning Prayer

Prayer, Bible Reading and Devotional Thoughts

Second Sunday after Christmas

Design for Worship:

This week's design tells us many of those wonderful things the Gospel proclaims, and assures us that God will lead his faithful ones all the days of their lives.

Note about the Epistle Lesson:

For the vast majority of Sundays and other special days a New Testament Epistle Lesson is chosen as the first of the two selected readings for the week. For consistency in designation the Lesson title is kept, but the reading is an Old Testament passage.

Epistle Lesson:

Isaiah 61: 1-3

Gospel Lesson:

Matthew 2: 19-23

Revised Collect:

Almighty God, You have poured on us the new light of Your incarnate Word; in Your mercy direct our steps so the same light burning in our hearts may shine from our lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Original Collect:

Almighty God, who hast poured upon us the new light of thine incarnate Word; Grant that the same light enkindled in our hearts may shine forth in our lives; through Jesus Christ our Lord.