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Morning Prayer

Prayer, Bible Reading and Devotional Thoughts

Tuesday before Easter

Calendar Note:

Only the Epistle and Gospel Lesson change from Palm Sunday

Alternative Name:

There are three names which have been used to refer to the events which occurred this week in the life of our Lord. It is variously called, Holy Week, Passion Week, and the Great Week.

Usage Note:

The Collect for the First Day in Lent (Ash Wednesday) may be used following the weekly Collect throughout Lent.

Design for Worship:

This week's design for worship is the unfolding of God's plan of salvation for mankind. As we gain comprehension and realize the benefits of the price and extent of so great a salvation, we are to practice Christ-like humility and love to those around us.


From time to time Epistle Lesson are drawn from Old Testament passages. Though they are not New Testament Epistles, as the vast majority are, they are nonetheless similar types of communication. The New Testament Epistles are letters written with specific messages to God's people, so too these Old Testament "Epistles" delivered in person by the messenger, rather than sent via post. It is especially fitting that the Scripture Lessons include Old and New Testament selections for this most significant week of Christ's life.

Epistle Lesson:

Isaiah 50: 5-11

Gospel Lesson:

Mark 15: 1-39

Collect for the Tuesday before Easter:

The original form of the following Collect was proposed for inclusion in the American Prayer Book of 1892, it was later adopted in some versions.

Lord God, whose mercy is beyond our comprehension, Your blessed Son, our Savior, gave His back to be unmercifully scourged, His body to be unmercifully broken, and His face He did not hide from unmerciful shame; we pray, give us grace that we may joyfully take the sufferings of the present time, in the full assurance of Your mercy knowing that through these trials Your glory will be revealed; we pray in the name of Him who loved Your mercy and glory, Jesus Christ our Lord.