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Morning Prayer

Prayer, Bible Reading and Devotional Thoughts

Morning Prayer People

John Hogg is the Station Manager for Light for Life ... WJSA. Long committed to Christian radio, John began his broadcast career on WDAC in Lancaster, Pennsylvania. Through a number of events, which we will note as "God moves in mysterious ways His wonders to perform," John and his young family moved to North Central Pennsylvania to establish Christian radio in the area. In the outworking of God's plan, Light for Life ... WJSA became what it is today, a powerful broadcast facility faithfully proclaiming the good news of Jesus Christ.

John is an exceptional broadcast engineer whose expertise has kept the station on the air despite the principalities and powers while integrating antiquated and state-of-the-art broadcast equipment and computers. Actually, it was his engineering abilities that resulted in his association with Light for Life ... WJSA.

John attended Lancaster Bible College and is a graduate of the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church, the school that produced several presidents of Moody Bible Institute.

Possessing a thorough theological education, with a pastoral emphasis, and being intimately knowledgeable of the content available for Christian radio, John has a desire to produce programming which will round out and express a complete worldview of Christianity. It was this desire which ultimately led to the creation of the radio devotional, Morning Prayer.

John's voice is familiar to all who listen to the station, and is heard in the six Morning Prayer devotionals weekly. In addition John produces the program in its final form as it is heard daily.

John and his family continue to labor at Light for Life ... WJSA to provide solid and complete Christian programming for your edification and Christian growth.

Niel Bech is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America and has served as the Assistant to the President of a theological seminary and Assistant Pastor for several churches in the Philadelphia area. Niel supplies many pulpits when churches are without a pastor, or during a pastor's vacation or illness. A tentmaking ministry Niel earns his living in the field of speech services, including speech coaching, speech development, and speech teleprompting. Niel holds degrees from: Temple University, Associate of Science; Geneva College, Bachelor of Arts; and the Theological Seminary of the Reformed Episcopal Church, Master of Divinity.

Niel, with John's tutelage, has learned to be one of the broadcast voices heard on Morning Prayer and he writes the daily devotionals.

In addition to Morning Prayer, Niel has been active over several years at the station in automating many of the processes for both the on-air and office functions. Through his association with the station Niel has made many friends in North Central Pennsylvania and enjoys the beauty and pleasures of country life it affords him on his many visits.

John and Niel met while attending seminary. They became friends through their love of the Lord and the desire to proclaim His Word. Both John and Niel possess a technical background and approach to life, and enjoy a mutual interest in theology especially applied to the world and life. These interests and their friendship led to the creation of the radio devotional, Morning Prayer.

John and Niel do get together occasionally to record Morning Prayer, but usually this is done over 200 miles apart using the technology available today. John records his portion of the program at the station, while Niel records his in his office's mini-studio. They record simultaneously, listening to each other on the telephone. Each voice is recorded at their particular location. After recording the program Niel emails his recording to John who puts them together with the musical background and the program is born.