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Morning Prayer

Prayer, Bible Reading and Devotional Thoughts

What is Morning Prayer?

Poured from the crucible of persecution and formed in the mold of one of history's most Christian cultures, Morning Prayer's imprint is clearly seen on our worship today. Early Christians desired, as all Christians do, to worship God in a worthy way. This desire and resulting practice developed through many periods of Christian experience. It yielded a collection of companion Bible readings and prayer. With these as the core we learn the beauty, majesty, and wonder of God’s Word as it is applied to our daily lives. Devotional in nature, this form of worship provides opportunity for everyone to participate. No other service, traditional or contemporary, is more interactive. It's why we often begin, "We invite you to join us in Morning Prayer."

Morning Prayer, the radio devotional, uses the broad concepts of this service. The six weekly devotionals we produce follow a regular pattern and incorporate the essence of the labor of many centuries of Christian devotions. Each day has a specific emphasis and a slightly different nature creating a Tapestry of Devotions.

Morning Prayer is meant to inspire and educate our listeners (or as we prefer to think of them, the other participants) while providing a framework for daily devotions. To help accomplish that we provide the text and audio for Morning Prayer on the Internet. These can be found by clicking to our Home.